Top Best Painters

Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso are among the best-known painters in the whole world. Remarkable for their styles, they continue to fascinate the art world and fill the greatest museums in France and around the world. But Dali, Van Gogh,Picasso and Modigliani are not the only painters to have made history.

Here are the greatest painters in the history of painting:

Amedeo Modigliani Egon Schiele Henri Matisse Paul Cézanne Vassily Kandinsky
Andy Warhol Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot Paul Gauguin Vincent Van Gogh
Auguste Renoir Eugene Delacroix Johannes Vermeer Paul Rubens
Berthe Morisot Francisco Goya Joseph Mallord William Turner Piet Mondrian
Camille Pissarro Frida Kahlo Caravaggio Rembrandt
Claude Monet Georges Seurat El Greco René Magritte
Edgar Degas Gustav Klimt Leonardo da Vinci Rosa Bonheur
Édouard Manet Gustave Caillebotte Marc Chagall Salvador Dali
Edvard Munch Gustave Courbet Michelangelo Sandro Botticelli
Edward Hopper Henri de Toulouse-Lautrect Pablo Picasso Théodore Géricault

Henri Matisse and his cat Minouche

Henri Matisse and his minouche cat.

Painting must be used for something other than painting.” Henri Matisse

Many artists have turned to their animals for inspiration, such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, or Leonardo da Vinci who exclaimed "the smallest feline is a masterpiece !".

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